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June 27, 2013
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Mature Content


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(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
  The day was a beautiful one.  There had been no trouble or natural disasters for quite some time for Power Girl to deal with.  While sitting out on her deck she looked down at her cellphone and saw she had a texts.  It was from a anonymous number and when she opened it a video played.  It showed a forest on fire in the distance from the view of a helicopter and a latino guy talking.  "Come quick Power Girl, we need your help.  The Amazon forest is burning and we can't get it out" the man announced. 

    "Just when you think you have a day off" She said.  She ran inside and changed in a instant and ran back and took off flying at supersonic speeds.

    When Power Girl arrived there was only a little smoke coming from the forest.  It didn't look at all like the fire she had seen on the video and she couldn't hear any other fires or sense any of them or see any of them for hundreds and hundreds of miles.  Just then she felt a sting and everything went black.

    Power Girl woke up deep in the jungle.  She looked down at her hands which had ropes tied around them.  She went to pull them off but she felt so weak and they were heavy.  She got up to her feet to see Circe standing there before her.

    "You like my fashion statements? They are the bracers of elepouris.  The ropes are magical in nature.   They will drain every bit of your strength from you leaving you more helpless than a puppy".  Circe told her.  "You won't get away with this Circe".  Power girl said.  "But I already have" Circe mumbled as she walked away slowly.  "O and Karen,  Feel free to feed my new pet would you?"

    Power Girl lurched forward to chase after Circe but her legs pulled tight together.  She looked down and saw two coils of some sort of giant serpent wrapped round her legs.  She reached out with all her might trying to use her powers on Circe but to no effect.  The snake quickly wrapped another coil round her hips and pressed tightly.  From behind its giant mouth came down hard round her head and all she could see was it's tongue licking her face. 

    With a quick jerk the snake tried to snap her neck but was unsuccessful.  It's coils climbed wrapping her body even tighter up to her breasts.  It let go of her head and she coughed struggling to breath a little feeling the pressure.  It wasn't good that she had massive breasts that the snake had constricted round her making it even harder to breath.  

    The massive snake had to be a magical creation of Circe being around 50 feet long.  Power Girl struggled in the constricting coils squirming back and forth.  The snakes coils drew in on her pulling her thighs together tight and the scales of the coils rubbing across her breasts made her yelp.  The coils had started to cause her breathing to be labored.  She moaned under the pressure as her ribs began to crack.  

    With what little strength she had she tried to call out for help but it was so quiet no one would hear her even if they were close by.

    Circe walked back over to her and ran her hand across Super Girls face.  "Face it Karen, your snake chow,  My giant anacondas going love you all the way to the last bite".  Power Girl struggled helpless to escape.  She had never been a situation so dire.  She looked at Circe and whined "Nooo, please don't".

    Circe just smiled as the serpents coils tightened causing Power Girls head to tip back in pain and from lack of oxygen.  She moaned "O god-I'm done for" to herself as the mawl of the snake opened wide above her.  Drool from the snake came streaming down over her face and head as she began to pass out.  One last deep breath exhaled and Power Girls head slumped to the side as she passed out.

    The snake lowered it's mawl and unhinged it's massive jaw as Circe watched with glee at the show which was about to happen.  Power Girls helpless body resting in the coils would surely make a wonderful dinner for her pet snake.  Her luscious curvy figure would make a filling feast for such a serpent.

Poor Power Girl. She should never try to feed Circe's pet.

This story goes with the picture I posted.